About Me

Thank you so much for checking out my store! This is a collection of some of my most recent artworks. These are all hand drawn pencil works, photographs from my travels, and maybe an old painting thrown in there.

Art was my first love, and I've been drawing ever since I was a little kid. Sometimes I struggle to find time to sit back and put my pencil to paper, but time home allows for me to get in my art element, rather than on a bus or venue couch. (not that I don't enjoy that too!). It also gave me the chance to finally put together a little shop to put some of my artwork out there, and print, package and ship all of the pieces myself. (definitely not easy work!).

"Create" was the first tattoo that I ever got. I've always tried my best to express myself in every way possible, whether its drawing, painting, photography, videography, drumming or anything else I can use to bring my imagination to life. 

Your support pushes me to keep going with it and drives me to grow as an artist and better my craft. I hope you enjoy my artwork, because regardless of anything else, that's what matters to me most. 

Thank you!

Justin Nace